What if these were the most revered, the most respected and highly compensated jobs and roles in our society?

What/who are they now?

Football players


Corporate CEOs

In the interests of being totally transparent, I did little* research about the above other than reading the news and observing what we do for entertainment.  And

I saw a bumpersticker the other day that read:  No Farms, No Food

and that got me thinking…uh… “Right!”, duh!  So:

Nourish the body — farmers

Nourish the mind — teachers

Create & nourish the human — mothers

Imagine with the above scenario of revered citizens:  the Mother who grows citrus trees that repeatedly  bear luscious and bountiful fruit and who then teaches her successful methods to all who are interested to learn.   Year after year…      Songs are written and sung about her.  She is a heroine.

No one has heard of football.  C, E, and O are just letters in an alphabet.  And most everyone has fun being the actors in a play when not watching one!  Then they go back to teaching, or studying to be a better farmer or mother.

~ ~ ~

Oh, I know it is a very simplistic fantasy!  Let me have it for a few moments.

*the research I did do revealed that in actuality doctors, specifically anesthesiologists, are the highest paid occupation in the U.S.  But this was calculated using hourly wage-earning.  I couldn’t find any data on how much Leonard DiCaprio is paid by the hour.  And it would really take a lot of sting and humor out of my essay if I were to mess it up with an actuarial truth.


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