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Lou, a bit younger

My mischievous friend Lou came in today and asked me what I was doing spending another beautiful morning at my computer.  Good question.  I reminded him that I was doing this blog about the importance of recognizing True Beauty, and how to actually practice it and incorporate it into everyday life.

Lou is a major skeptic.  Like many, he dismisses beauty; thinks it is trivial.  He is confusing (I think) mere glamour for true, deep abiding beauty.

So we have these discussions.  It’s been really good for me, actually, as over time he has taunted me about the tenets of True Beauty.  It made me realize that this was not some pop-ideaology with which I was infatuated for a brief time, but something that I truly believed and continued to be passionate about.  Something born in me, of me.  I need to share this with others; I feel it is so very important in healing both ourselves and the earth.

When I say things like that, Lou says I sound pompous as hell.  In the face of  adolescent Lou-truth I am nothing if not under scrutiny.  Which has proved a good thing.  My own personal challenger.  Gotta love it.

And I love that it has worked its magic.  That I have come to understand that Beauty, True Beauty — not the shallow “glamour” that passes for beauty these days — is the very accessible road to a healing harmony for everyone.  I’ve done my share of traveling; I’m not naive about the poverty that exists on the globe.  And I believe that it is the awareness of True and deep Beauty that contributes to those impoverished lives the bit of spiritual serenity and harmony available to them in their struggle to survive. The ability to tap into it may befuddle those who are better-off .  But herein lies a long essay.  Not for now.  And Lou is scrunching up his face, feeling his question is unanswered.

Why am I inside opposite a glowing screen instead of outside practicing what I preach?  Because, sweet Lou, a thread throughout all the Beauty practices is discipline and balance.  I am being true to myself by sharing what I gnow (not a typo) about the importance of True Beauty.  I’ll go to the beach to “pray” and play later.

So to you who find yourself on this blog page, a reminder:  I write here to share my conviction that True Beauty is a necessary tool in the balanced functioning of our earth and universe.  It might even be the raison d’être of our universe.  We can participate and practice it every day, incorporate it easily into our daily living with simple shifts of perception and/or attitude, with our choices, in our relationships.

Wowza!  I want you to recognize, nurture and sustain True Beauty in your personal universe.  I want you too to practice True Beauty!  It is important to engage now.  What’s more, it is fun, fulfilling and so full of grace…

Welcome to the Way of Beauty.  photo by Lisa Z. Lindahl

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