photo by Lisa Lindahl
Southern winter sky

In this season of love and giving I thought it fruitful to remind my readers — and myself — of the essence of what this blog is about.

The nature of True Beauty (to make the distinction from the the sort sought at cosmetics counters),  is its importance in our everyday lives.   How to bring deep, true Beauty into our daily routines and recognize what True Beauty already exists in our life – this is at the heart of The Way of Beauty and its Practices.

The awareness, contemplation, cultivation and intention of True Beauty enhances and engenders harmony in all dimensions. To “as above, so below” I would add “as within, so without; as without, so within.” Think perceptions, attitudes, relationships here.  And take a look around your house.

The new reports illustrate why the reclaiming of the actual nature and importance of True Beauty in our lives NOW is so important.

The perception and recognition of this kind of Beauty is available to virtually everyone.  As Helen Keller famously noted,

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched—they must be felt with the heart.”

And while I spend time looking at some definitions of “True” Beauty and what its parameters might be, it is vital to note that the variety of Beauty we concern ourselves with here — “deep” or “true” beauty —   goes far beyond  what only our senses may measure, what treasures money will buy; far beyond the appearance of things, notably the human face and form.

Noticing and embracing this “meta-beauty” in our lives is a step towards our own strengthening and, I propose, the healing of much of the existing cultural pathology that has arisen during the paoriginal art by Lisa Z Lindahlst century — a century that has been the era of True Beauty’s demise.

The Way of Beauty aspires to transcend notions of standard “taste” as well as evaluations of what each of us finds beautiful, and rather, seeks to elevate, honor, call attention to the importance of that moment of
engagement – “Wow! That is so beautiful” — that we have all experienced. Whether the “that” in question is a particular sight, color, sound, touch, taste, fragrance, insight, understanding, experience or combination of some or all of the above…. it doesn’t much matter.

So try thinking with this notion of True Beauty during this holiday season.  You might give serenity; receive laughter.

With love,



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