Because many in my family had art educations, including both my mother and sister, I was prompted and supported to take another educational path.  My artistic endeavors, therefore, took a back seat for  quite awhile.  My need to create visual art, however, could not be squelched, and kept popping up in and around my other endeavors and, in fact, always enhanced those other areas of life in one way or another.  While mostly self-taught, I've had the great good fortune to have been taught and mentored by some very talented artists along the way.  In my mid-forties I found I could no longer treat my artist-self as a "second-class me."  I rented studio space and went to work.

My art tends to explore two different areas.  The first and most dominant is the deep and eternal beauty of the world of the “ordinary.”  I use pastels to try and capture this in landscapes and in the still life, where I love to call attention to the beauty and grace of a pear, a petal, or the noble garlic.

In recent years the process of  making the monoprint has captivated me, as I feel I am in collaboration with the universe, with chance, with the making of each print --  and I love that.

Another area I explore are the dynamics of my experience of epilepsy.  Its altered states of consciousness and impact on everyday living prove to be fodder for my creative impulses.  Sometimes the resulting artwork may be perceived as disturbing; sometimes what comes out makes me giggle.  I use a variety of mediums including pastels, monoprint and mixed media assemblage using found objects.

While I've always been an artist, I've had to earn a living along the way...and I am very grateful that those endeavors have enabled me to pursue visual art and writing in this chapter of my life.  But all of that is on the Bio page.

As well as a visual artist and innovator, I am a writer and public speaker.  I'm passionate about and focus on the emerging cultural paradigm shift, advocating for the importance and need for True Beauty in these times.  My book, Beauty As Action: The Way of True Beauty & How Its Practice Can Change Our World is all about this.  Please read it!