The Ocean’s Rorschach Test

March 6, 2016

A new twist in our Gallery of Seeing… The Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach (1884-1922) devised the infamous “ink-blot tests.” Using a standard set of inkblots, they were used as a test to reveal one’s personality depending upon what one saw in each blot. Well, I think it’s more fun to look at the patterns left … Read More

A Gallery of Seeing, Musing…

January 31, 2016

  It’s camellia time in the Low country!                   Even the cat enjoys the camellias…   I still bring other flowers into the house.  A habitual indulgence:               Hmm…Fire and Air…any wonder they imitate one another?   And now my other … Read More

Holiday beauty in the Lowcountry

December 28, 2015

Visions of sugarplums ~flowers dance in my head ~before my  eyes during this winter holiday:            And there are some green spirits and holiday fairies around as well…            

Studio Art – Making, Playing, Exploring

October 4, 2015

Spent the last week in a friend’s Vermont art studio here’s the doorway into the studio……..   Doesn’t this doorknob give you a hint what’s going on inside?…       We had fun, And actually made some stuff… Can you tell I was inspired by being in Vermont?  Not necessarily original subject matter…but Beauty … Read More