Some people’s eyes glaze over when one brings up the term “shaman”, or shamanism.  That’s the best case, actually.  Many others equate it with superstition, woo-woo crazies or witchcraft.

Shamanism exists everywhere on the globe, and has for thousands of years.  It is about humankind’s relationship with the natural world and our spiritual connection with other sentient beings.  Shamanism, at its core, is a  healing modality.  A term floating around these days is “Neoshamanism”, referring to modern folk who follow particular cultural patterns and practices of Shamanism.  While familiar with Neoshamanism, I am currently studying what is called “Core Shamanism.”

There is a link, I find, between the awareness and the practice of True Beauty and the shamanistic viewpoint — so I explore this path. But the best description I have found of Core Shamanism  — thoughtful and far more comprehensive than my quickie definitions above, was written by Judy Tsafrir, a fellow student in this journey (no pun intended, really). Please read the link for a truly fascinating Post about Shamanism by a Boston psychiatrist, Judy Tsafrir, MD.

If Judy’s article piques your interest, below find a link to Michael Harner’s new book, Cave and Cosmos.  Harner is the the anthropologist who founded the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS).  Check it out!


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  • thank you for connecting Shamanism to the Way of Beauty and reminding us all that it is not separate from being in relationship to the planet. its good to remember that we all live on this planet together — its time we start each day from that perspective.

  • There has been several time in my life I have experienced soul retrievals … with great relief … can never t imagine why this site says I already said this … I did not ?!?

    • Hi! Yes, comment section working! Just been re-working blog and website behind the scenes. So happy you like! Did you get my email?

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