7.10.17 | Outside Magazine

XX Factor: How the Sports Bra Changed History

Among most important advances in sports technology, few can compete with the invention of the sports bra. Following the passage of Title IX in 1972, women’s interest in athletics surged. There was just one problem—actually, make that two problems: their breasts. Listen to the podcast now...

2.24.17 | NPR News

From The 'Jockbra' To Brandi Chastain: The History Of The Sports Bra

What do Brandi Chastain and Lisa Lindahl have in common? NPR’s Only A Game tells us: Click here to listen!

“I won't say it was a feminist attitude, but maybe. It wasn't about looking pretty. It was about function." -Lisa Z Lindahl

11.8.16 | Chemical Heritage Foundation

Second Skin: The Unexpected Origin of the Sports Bra

The sports bra is omnipresent in today’s sports landscape. But the current iteration of this nifty item is less than 40 years old, and it arrived with a serendipitous origin story. For this episode we talked to Lisa Lindahl, an entrepreneur from Vermont, who in 1977 invented what was to become the modern-day sports bra. It’s a story about a runner who wanted running to be more comfortable. Learn More...

7.11.16 | ESPN

Revolution: A History of the Sports Bra

A history of this vital underclothing, from the Jogbra invented by friends Lisa Lindahl, Hinda Miller and Polly Smith to its biggest moment -- Brandi Chastain's triumphant reveal after the United States won the 1999 World Cup.

Click here to watch the documentary.

3.28.16 | The Post and Courier

A bra is born: Charleston resident and inventor of the sports bra talks about its creation

In this weekend’s upcoming Cooper River Bridge Run, thousands of women of all shapes and sizes running the race will likely have one garment in common: a sports bra. They can thank a fellow Charlestonian for that. Lisa Lindahl, who lives in the Holy City, invented the first sports bra in 1977. Read More...