True Beauty is the Raison D’Etre of The Universe? 

I am not alone in my suspicion that Beauty is the raison d’etre of our Universe:

True Beauty is both the cause and effect of harmony, of empathy, of community. Beauty unites all things and is the source of all things. It is the great creating cause which bestirs the world and holds all things in existence by the longing inside them to have harmony, Beauty.

I find so much evidence in the literature of quantum physics, general sciences, philosophy, folk wisdoms and mythologies that points to the elemental and essential nature of Beauty’s role in our Universe.


For instance, from the Science and Math camp – via a theologian, no less — comes this little tidbit: “’Symmetry’ is one of the most frequently recurring words in contemporary scientific literature” (Fr. Diarmuid O’Murchu in Quantum Theology). I would add that “elegance” and “beautiful” would pop up repeatedly on the screen if anyone took the time to do a computerized word scan of current scientific and mathematical lectures and texts. Indeed, one of Brian Greene’s most popular books is entitled “The Elegant Universe.”  Was it Einstein or another mathemetician who said “if an equation is not beautiful, it cannot be correct.”  And tell me: do the Mandelbrot Set—or any fractals– reveal ugly, jarring, disharmonious patterns? Chaos and nature make Beauty. The quantum potential first makes Beauty. Or, and here’s my question: is it that Beauty births the Implicate?

I also find much anecdotal evidence simply by observing the world and its peoples: Beauty is the essence, and is manifest everywhere. It is the mother, daughter and holy spirit, to mess a bit with Christianity’s Trinity.

To again paraphrase O’Murchu, only the heart can intuit the unmanifest level. Our current science will not prove my hypothesis that the vibration that we call “Beauty” is the source of the Universe. Many religions, on faith, believe in Love. My “faith” tells me that love is an outcome, a reaction to, Beauty.

And so to leap to a new, rather poetic definition, of the verb: Beauty is a dynamic process of becoming in the continuum of the expansion of the Universe, expressed in cyclical waves, rising into harmonic being, falling away and disintegrating into entropy, chaos, discord before resolving again into the orderly harmony of True Beauty, only to spew forth again, the Universe expanding, creating itself. 

Over and over and over again.

After reading process philosopher Alfred North Whitehead, I understand how closely this vision of Beauty tracks with his concept of “prehensions” and their processes. This is evidence, to me, of intuitive, collective knowing of the Is-ness.

For this is how I understand the action of Beauty. This is why it is a universally recognized entity among species, especially in the consciousness of man, and why it is the motivator. It is the essential cycle, the essence of not only survival (maintenance), but birth (creation and expansion), and clearance (death). It is the reason to expand.   The Universe’s raison d’etre. Or, to make a joke: as the memetics might like to have it:  the original, the Main Meme.

original art by Lisa Z. Lindahl
Midnight Serenity




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