There is a prevailing and ubiquitous disregard of Beauty and the sacredness of nature.  Nature, the “natural world” is the primary manifestation of  our universe’s luminous matter in this time/space/place we know as the planet Earth.  Rare, precious, matter.

I find it of further interest to consider that currently a popular scientific theory posits that all matter “pops” into existence out of  dark energy. And back out of existence again. It is what remains around that becomes our ‘visible and tangible’ world. One must wonder: since there is so much dark energy – 73{55fe2c11461c8bb17bceaebedeebc755c917e5af851043589d832d5db27adf7f} — why is matter so rare? Why doesn’t it manifest more and more often? Or does it, and it is just outside the realm of our current levels of understanding and perception?  Hmmm.

While matter is an important form in which Beauty can manifest, indeed the form in which we are most familiar recognizing Beauty, it is not the only form.  I suggest that Beauty is a field (as in electromagnetic field) and therefore a resonance.  Sometimes we experience Beauty almost outside our sense perceptions, I think.  We are uplifted for no apparent “good reason.”  This all speaks to Beauty’s link to harmony, and how it (harmony, harmonic relationships) pops in and out of our experience and awareness.

Some propose that the Universe began with a sound. A single musical note. More than one, and you might have a harmony; wavelengths that flow together, in synchronicity, harmonious. Wavelengths exist in a field. We get into the physics here that lead to the metaphysics:

So I propose a further definition of Beauty:

True Beauty is the synergistic, flowing field that holds all in dynamic, resonating harmony as the next movement unfurls.

If you are a physics geek, at this point you might, most appropriately, find the moving computer illustration of the equation called the Mandelbrot Set. It is waaaay cool!

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