From a near-by correspondent:

    This week I have my first ripe heirloom tomato. In march, the unlikely plants emerged from a weed filled box in my greenhouse. They must have grown from seeds I saved last season and in an obviously foolhardy act, like someone buying a lottery ticket, I cast them into the dirt. I may as well have planted redwoods. I knew better. All those years of pouring hope and fertilizer onto Lowe’s bought plants with visions of that perfect mid summer BLT, only to experience another failed harvest. Growing tomatoes in South Carolina is a valuable primer on life.
     But for the grace of mother nature and that leak in my ceiling, I am rewarded with one meager tomato and one great lesson.  This is a thing of wonder and beauty.

photo by Lisa Z LindahlAh.  Fabulous!





I must rush to say, however, that the accompanying photo here is not my correspondent’s excellent and rare single heirloom.  No, these two are simple market-boughts from last summer.  But beautiful enough to have caught my camera’s eye.  A bit more, uh,  Tomato Grace?




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