I’ve been traveling a bit lately.  Did I write that already?  My head, heart and vision have been mightily exercised.

It was wisteria time in SC when I left:


And my lemon tree was blooming, smelling so luscious



But I left to go to an art workshop in Vermont…








…where friends find springtime gardening a bit rough:



After a productive week in Vermont I came home briefly before flying off to L.A., or LaLa Land for a brief two days.  Was shooting a small documentary for ESPN on the history of the Sports Bra, no less.  A shot of  LA’s sunset:









Then back home before heading up to Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley for a Shamanic Retreat.  Such fabulous natural beauty, different from SC.  Although similar to Vermont with its mountains and deciduous forests, it has a quite different feel, a different spirit.  It seems somehow gentler…



Two of my companions wading in the Rapidan River.  I followed shortly thereafter…



I learned a great deal on each leg of my travels…  I find that the body may be aging, but this mind is as curious and inquiring as ever.  It was simply the devilish goddess of scheduling that caused all these

IMG_9362 events to converge within such a short time span (and not done yet, actually).  Ideally I’d choose to have months after each one to integrate the teachings, my observations, any new techniques, any “homework.”  I’m that sort.  Ah, well!  But I’m not complaining!  Far from it, really!  I am amazed and feel blessed to have all such explorations and opportunities on my plate.

And/but yes:

It’s nice to go home and be greeted by my loved ones…


Home again, home again, jiggety, jig!

IMG_9724 IMG_9717 IMG_9597










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