photo by Lisa Z Lindahl

I started this blog just last September (2014).  I hope I’ve made a few salient points, and entertained a bit along the way.  I started off by making the distinction that The Way of Beauty — book, blog and actual practice — is about COSMOLOGY NOT COSMETOLOGY!  

You all suffered through my Manifesto for True Beauty, where mere “glamour” was slammed and our modern obsession with it (think Kardashians) instead of true beauty was challenged.  As the weeks rolled by we looked at shifting the paradigm in our culture, examined creating a “Way,” the importance of the natural world and its beauty, not to mention delved into mankind’s interactive magic with said natural world:  Shamanism.

I also took a shot at clearing up the relationship between Art and True Beauty… though there is far more that might be said about that, I’m sure.  I am wishing I might find someone to help elucidate the way in which Science and True Beauty are supportive.  I tried as best I could in two blog bits, but know there are far more connections than I feel capable of making between the two at the moment.

Throughout it all, it is my hope that I’ve been able to begin to instill in others the nature and ready availability of True Beauty and its importance to us not just as individuals, but as a species.  Going forward I am going to focus on the Beauty Practices through which we can infuse our everyday lives and activities with Beauty and grace.

Promote True, Deep Beauty in your self, your surroundings, and your understanding of our universe. Practice makes perfect, right?


photo by Lisa Z Lindahl

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