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YAY!   This day has always been special to me.  Where I live on the planet, the Winter Solstice  in December is the shortest day and the longest night.  After the Solstice, the days start to become longer, nights shorter.  Light is in ascendance.  For this I celebrate.

A bit of factoid trivia:  “solstice” has its roots in latin, and means to stand still.  To early humans, the sun seemed to stay in one place for several days twice a year — in December and again in June — before continuing its travel across the skies.   Hence our twice-yearly solstices.

I revel in sunlight.  It instantly lifts my spirit.  As one teacher put it, “the Sun is the Master Shaman.”  The master healer, medicine being, bringer of Beauty.

Enjoy the day.  Celebrate our natural cycles and the return of the light, once again.


photo by Lisa Lindahl
Winter sun in the South


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