Another essay from my archives, this was written in 1992…  So precocious!  I was only 3 years old then…

Vestigal Senses?

Kirlian photography has shown that we have electrical current running out thekirlianfingers-1 tips of our fingers and toes. On the market now there are even little toys that can be made to make noise by placing your fingertips on tiny little terminals placed there for that purpose.

This got me to thinking. What if, once, we humans had far greater power and greater control over it? What if the mysteries of how the pyramids were built, or the Mayan and Incan temples were built could be explained by saying that man was simply capable of moving great objects by pointing his hand, directing his inner energies and moving the object?

We know that ancient civilizations had knowledge and wisdom that we, in our narrow-minded obstinant adherence to “scientific reasoning” cannot account for or give credence to. How did the Mayans and Incans have such a sophisticated understanding of astronomy? we ask in wonder. How did the ancient Egyptians know enough of engineering to build the pyramids?

imagesWhat if, what if ancient mankind had a superior understanding and control of NATURAL energies? We, who are so dependent on the clumsy MECHANICAL way of doing things…what if flying through the air was not dependent upon a huge metal and fire machine, but instead on one’s inner, disciplined energies?

I think of the old tales of wizards and gods who could hurl a bolt of lighteneing from their hands, or see great distances, or know of impending events before they occured. And I wonder. I wonder if these were the last of humankind to lose their full powers. I wonder if we have evolved away and out of the knowledge of that power and are left only with its vestiges… a little trickle of electricity dribbling from our once-great and magical fingertips.

And then I get to thinking about the human brain. With all our science and reasoning it remains mysterious and unknown. The researchers tell us that we are only using about a tenth of our brains, as far as they can tell. And I think of all those neural pathways conducting electricity through our gray matter…and I wonder some more. Because I have epilepsy, I know–or have been told–that seizures are simply too much electricity coursing through the brain, making the current jump track out of the containing and directing pathway and short-circuiting the entire brain functions. Oh, really?

What if. What if people who experience convulsions are simply throw-backs to a time when we had more power, and the only deficiency of these modern day, unwitting wizards is that they have no idea how to channel that energy, use it, discipline it, direct it…and so it goes through a cycle of build-up/release, build-up/release, and so on.

The oracles of Delphi in ancient Greece were considered holy, wise and able to communicate with the gods because they had convulsions. It was in the Unknownconvulsive state that they were supposedly communicating with the gods. Later, in medeval times convulsing people were thought to be possessed by the devil. Either way, the taint of the supernatural and/or paranormal was on the individual who experienced the altered state of consciousness that we call a “seizure disorder.” And today, modern man’s response to this is to apply drugs to suppress the experience. It is what I call the “if you can’t understand or use it, make it go away.  Suppress it with drugs” method of coping. How much ancient knowledge or ability has been lost in this way?

Intuition, ESP, psychokinesis, prophecy, astral projection…the list is very long of things our modern science cannot explain and so belittles.

What if we were once a race of wizards, left now with only the faint dregs of our original powers and knowing?  We now have only our vestigial senses…

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