The Ubiquitous Presence and (Yay!) Appreciation of True Beauty

I have stayed in the homes of people living in Russia, Sri Lanka, England, New Zealand, France, Italy, Turkey, and Peru. I have also traveled in Ecuador, Tahiti, China, Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand, Wales, Germany, Puerto Rico, various islands in the Caribbean, several amazing ancient sites in Mexico (as well as a couple of rather modern fun ones hecho en Mexico). And, of course, the United States. While what constitutes “common beauty” varies from place to place I have yet to encounter a people who weren’t in some essential way aware of and concerned with True Beauty.

photo by Lisa Z LindahlHere is a simple for instance: flowers and gardens are to be found everywhere. I like them, so I look for them, and I haven’t been in a town anywhere that I haven’t seen pots planted with a flower on doorstoops, windowsills – even in the surreal cave homes of Turkey and slums in Puerto Rico.  Flowerpots in windows might be serving more than one purpose (edible plants, herbs), but the satisfaction of the need for everyday natural, visual beauty is definitely a purpose, often a primary one.

There are some constants in Beauty that transcend every culture, that persevere through every version of photo by Lisa Z Lindahlman’s suppression of himself – culturally or personally — to his own inner resonance with true beauty: the light as it strikes the earth; a body of water, especially when sparkling; fresh vegetables on the table; a loved one’s laugh; bird song; and the comforting sense of “safe haven.”

Like laughter, or a smile, natural beauty is the recognized and universally experienced expression of True Beauty — happily familiar all over the globe.



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