Spent the last week in a friend’s Vermont art studio

here’s the doorway into the studio……..



Doesn’t this doorknob give you a hint what’s going on inside?…

photo by Lisa z Lindahl




We had fun,

And actually made some stuff…

IMG_8269Can you tell I was inspired by being in Vermont?  Not necessarily original subject matter…but Beauty needn’t be original or unusual to be inspiring, be beautiful.

And I love what happens “as an aside” during the process:  IMG_8289




This is a “try-out” newsprint area…pretty neat!  I love the freedom to explore, try things out, with no expectation or need to produce a “satisfactory” final “product” (though I did!)

This is the view of the river we look at when we sit outside for our lunch break…and it was warm enough in the sun to do that; not always the case in October!

photo by Lisa Z. Lindahl

From inside the studio we see the view as well.  It really is a magical place to work, with lovely people.

photo by Lisa Z Lindahl IMG_8287


Oh, thank you thank you thank you to all the gods & goddesses & muses & fairy godmothers & teachers & elves & sprites that encourage, bestow, inspire and nourish the creative spirit in us!   O Thank You!    


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