photo by Lisa LindahlSo a lot has been going on.

Life has a way of creating cycles:  months of humdrum and habits — sometimes soothing, sometimes boring.   And then sudden huge waves of change, happenings, things you can’t say no to.  Some things you have no opportunity to say no to; death is one of those.

So I’ve been juggling a few things; traveling a great deal, across the country, up the coast and down the coast and back again…and again.

One of the changes occurring during this time is switching where this blog lives, it’s host or whatever.   A simple task you would think.  Not so.  The process, much more tedious and long than it should have been, is the reason I haven’t been able to post recently and the reason my more recent posts seem to have disappeared!  Whoopsie!

Ah, I love technology!   You can find the post “Spring” on our FB page “The Way of Beauty”.

And speaking of whoops!, a reader pointed out to me that nowhere on this blog page do I make it clear that what I am writing about is TRUE BEAUTY.   That is a major whoops.  The whole reason for this blog is to make a pitch about the importance of ditching what passes for “beauty” these days and reclaiming TRUE BEAUTY!   (See the post “A Manifesto for True Beauty” waaaay back in the beginning).  Well, and to make way for my book about it, coming soon…

So, whoops, I gotta change the masthead, or whatever its called here, to make it clear what I (mostly) go on about:  deep, true Beauty and its importance in our global harmony.

So, change is good.  We must perceive it as such as it is, after all, the only constant!

Ah, yeah…a lot of stuff going on!  And whoopsies are only to be expected…

photo by Lisa Z. Lindahl

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